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book In 2001 a book about the work of Carmel Mooney was published by Gandon Editions. Titled 'That Space Between', the book was formally launched in Dublin in March by European Commissioner Chris Patten.

This 111 page hardback edition contains some 80 colour plates of paintings by Carmel Mooney covering over 30 years of her work. It also includes biographical details and a list of exhibitions.

The book contains several essays including an introduction by the Rt Hon Commissioner Patten. Other contributors include Ciaran Carty, chief arts editor of the Sunday Tribune, whose essay 'That Space Between' also provides the title for the book.

John Coyle, Professor of Painting at the RHA, contributes an interview with Carmel Mooney, while Charles Hepworth Holland, Emeritus Professor of Geology at Trinity College, Dublin, provides an essay on the development of the artists volcanic series of paintings. Art critic Cyril Barrett S.J., lecturer in Philosophy in Oxford, contributes two essays.

book In 2009 a second book of Carmel Mooney was publish by Gandon Editions entitled 'A Sense of Place'

This 132 page clothbound hardback edition contains over 164 colour illustrations and features essays by Margarita Cappock, Maueen Concannon, Julian Campbell, and Cyril Barrett; with additional texts by Raffaele Avella, Adriano Berengo, Boris Brollo, and Patrick J Murphy.

Other publications:

1999 'Carmel Mooney' London/Dublin (Gandon Editions) 1996 Carmel Mooney 'Edge of Fire' (Gandon Editions) 1993 Carmel Mooney 'Paintings 1983-1993' (Gandon Editions)